So why not an English version of this website? Do Ludi Metacrilati Speciali works exclusively in the domestic Italian market (if it still exist an Italian market anyway)? Can i have some infos?

A tipical company developes a standard website with few infos about their production. So it’s easy to translate them in few languages. Luckily we are not a typical company(!): this website sounds like a blog, sometimes a photoblolg and someothers just like a juice of our 101% funny Italian nature.

Anyway the 86% of our annual casts travels through Europe and beyond, sounds like that “google translate” works fine? or that we prefer to let speak for us our quality than our website?


If you are searching for sheets with embedments feel free to contact directly our worldwide distributor Acrylic-Couture in Germany: be tranquil… they are not that “typical German people” and you will enjoy the phonecall and their exquisite kindness taking care of all your needs; if you yet contacted them for a price and now you would like to know our price without their surcharge be informed that we are not “that typical Italian tricky-style people”: like it?

If you are searching for other products like blocks, embedments in shaped objects, mold casts and so on feel free to call or email us directly: we are not handling an Oxford-class english but we will try our best.

Thanks for your understanding and your smiles, if any: here for you World!